Online Career Training in Human Resources

Almost everyone has worked in a job where they had to deal with bad working conditions, everyone complains, and the turnover rate for employees is high. A growing field is becoming highly dedicated to facing these problems head on and making the working environment a fun a productive place for employees. Students can gain a degree in human resources from a number of accredited online colleges and universities.

The human resources industry in the work place has evolved over time to encompass a wide range of duties past just recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees. Today the profession is highly respected with human resources personnel working with business executives to create a strategic plan to improve the work place in a variety of areas. Corporations are seeing the benefit of having employees who are happy with the work place, benefits, management, and more. It has been proven that companies with happy employees have a positive result on productivity and efficiency within the workplace when compared to companies with employees who feel under appreciated. The goal of a human resource manager or worker is to find employees that match the job and to keep them. Another aspect of the job is to remove employees who are hindering the work place and are not actively working for the companies benefit.

Prospective students who want to pursue a career within this industry have numerous degree options available to them. Students can earn a certificate or gain a graduate degree as a PhD in the field. Work related jobs are so diverse that students can work in virtually any industry as a human resources employee and manager. Schooling requirements will vary depending on a student’s career goals. For entry-level jobs a bachelor’s degree is what most employers require a student to have before being hired. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program will gain understanding of the influences of human resources within the workforce and its affect on a business, which includes positive or negative affects on economic, social, and legal issues.

Prospective students who earn a bachelor’s degree in human resource management will learn specific skills that relate to business and management. Knowledge obtained will transfer over into a number of careers that include compensation manager, employee assistance, affirmative action coordinator, and more. Degree programs at the bachelor’s level may take up to four years to complete. Most colleges require students to take approximately 120 credit hours. Students should research schools that give a mixture of business and social science courses. Programs that offer this mixture will best prepare students to be successful upon graduation from the school.

Course work may include a variety of topics and issues including employment law, labor relations, strategic staffing, training, development, compensation, and benefits. A course on employment law will have students studying federal and state laws in regards to the function of human resources. Issues covered in a course like this include equal opportunity employment, wages, overtime payments, and more.

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