Great ideas for this year’s Christmas party

With the return of office working and everything going back to normal, or very nearly, 2021 is the year we can finally get back to in-person Christmas parties. You are probably more than ready to blow off some steam and let your hair down with your colleagues. But what should your all-important Christmas party look like? Office Christmas parties and events can be as varied as your company, so read on for some great ideas.

Wreath making

Do you have a crafty bunch in your office? Then make a change from the usual office Christmas party fare and try your hand at wreath making. A fun and interactive class, this allows you to create your own festive wreath, perfect for displaying around the office or at home. Many people got into crafting during the last year or so, so why not make it the central point of your festive fun?

Festive painting party

If crafting isn’t quite your thing but you still want to get everyone involved in a creative activity, why not throw a painting party? You can enjoy some drinks and nibbles and recreate a snowy scene or some other Christmassy image. Some of the paintings might be a bit questionable, but that’s all part of the hilarity.

Virtual Christmas quiz

You might not have quite all gotten back to the office just yet, and that’s okay. There is still plenty of fun to be had from the comfort of your own home. Clear out an afternoon and organise a Christmas quiz for your colleagues. This can be entirely virtual, and is sure to bring the house down! This is an excellent alternative to an in-person event whether you are fully virtual as a company or you just have some colleagues who aren’t comfortable attending big events yet.

Christmas disco

Sticking with the classics? A Christmas disco could be the party for you. Hire a venue and dance the night away with your coworkers. Whether this is the entire party or you have a meal beforehand is up to you, but this could be a wonderful way to get everyone feeling relaxed and shrugging off their work personas.

Cooking class

Do you want to give your colleagues the traditional Christmas meal but with a little twist? Why not take a Christmas cooking class that has you creating some tasty treats to chow down on? This is an excellent way to get everyone talking and is a lot less structured than simply sitting down to dinner in a restaurant.

Are you excited to plan your Christmas party? Whether it’s virtual or in person, it is sure to be one you won’t forget, so get creative and have fun.

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