Various Benefits of Using Inorganic Pigments

When you think of colouring compounds, there are basically 2 types of pigments which are most commonly used; organic and an inorganic pigment. But the main question that arises is which is better? If you must judge on the basis of colouring compounds, then you will find that inorganic pigments are much ahead of others. One of the main reasons why inorganic pigments for cosmetics are highly in demand is – as they are prepared from oxides and sulphides and even have essential or important mineral compounds.

All these are greatly helpful in keeping the colour stability perfectly at every stage. So, when you need to choose from a wide spectrum of pigment colours, try to choose from the inorganic sector. This will not only have a great overall effect, but also a better composition of the colour.

Here are other amazing benefits of using inorganic pigments:

  • Easily withstand many external elements – One of the most crucial factors for deciding if any pigment has the ability to withstand sunlight and chemical exposure. With the use of inorganic pigment, you can be assured that they would withstand both chemical and sunlight exposure without even thinking once. With the presence of mineral compounds, it makes the pigments anti to chemicals and sunlight.
  • More durable – The biggest disadvantage of pigmented colours is they cannot hold the colour for a longer duration. However, inorganic pigments are popularly known for their outstanding colour stability. Whenever you see inorganic pigments for cosmetics, you will know the durability of the pigments. Many manufacturers of pigments in India will duly agree to the fact that there is no better alternative than inorganic pigments where durability is concerned.
  • Cheaper in comparison to other pigments – When you check the pigment prices from other manufacturers, you would find out that inorganic pigments are less expensive than other pigments. Though, inorganic pigments might be having uncountable advantages and are commonly used in multiple industries, their cost is definitely noticeable.

In comparison to organic pigments, inorganic pigments takes less time to be manufactured and its overall cost is even quite low. The main reason why they are affordable is because they are easily obtained from all types of natural mineral sources. Sometimes when minerals are synthetically manufactured as well, but they are cheap, mainly for the reason that minerals are obtained naturally. Ultimately, this helps in bringing down the final price of the product that is being manufactured.


  • No abrasion – The tendency of pigmented colours is to be less rigid to any molecules and much more prone to abrasion. But here inorganic pigments care very different. Their unique capability of abrasion resistance makes their demand to increase in the market. Along with being abrasion resistant, these inorganic pigments also increase the molecules’ rigidity and rash inhibition.

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