Introducing a New RetailTech Recruitment Agency

Just 2 months into their journey, Storm5 is already providing strong Retail Tech solutions, taking both the industry and recruitment market by storm.

Consumer behaviour changed toward retail as a result of the global pandemic, altering how people interacted with both physical and online shopping. Consumer experience has become a priority in order to ensure that brands have a loyal customer base across all retail channels.

Since retailers are competing to push the boundaries of online experiences, immersive in-store experiences, and, ultimately, consumer convenience, they require the best Retail tech solutions. Companies need innovation, a data-driven strategy, and, most importantly, a specialised team of RetailTech and E-commerce experts to stay ahead of the competition.

As retail and e-commerce evolves, one of the most difficult challenges for businesses is attracting and retaining top talent. Storm5 thrives in this area as a key Retail tech solution due to its extensive network of top Retailtech and E-commerce professionals.

Storm5’s mission is to build the world’s most powerful and efficient RetailTech and E-Commerce talent ecosystem, contributing to the creation of exceptional B2B/B2C online customer experiences by connecting the best talent with fast-growing scale-ups. The founding team has already begun to strengthen the company’s image as a credible retailtech solution by building a network of highly specialised C-suite and senior professionals in the fields of Data & Analytics, Engineering & DevOps, Product Management and Sales & Marketing.

Founding the brand is Olivier Kerckhove, formerly of SThree. Kerckhove said: ““We’re launching Storm5 when the RetailTech sector is going through a huge shift, experiencing record funding in the last 12 months due to the pandemic’s impact on consumer’s buying patterns. I’m so excited to be founding and launching Storm5 as its undoubtedly the most exciting project in the staffing industry today.”

James Brown, CEO of Levin Group, said: “We’re thrilled to have Olivier Kerckhove leading our newest brand. He has a wealth of experience launching recruitment and consultancy brands across Europe so is going to be a huge asset to our leadership team. Olivier will be connecting rare talent with fast growth scale-ups looking to provide outstanding online B2B/B2C online customer experiences.”

The launch follows the significant hiring surge across the entire Levin Group. For the second time in four months, the two-year-old company hired 100 new consultants in one day to its three global offices in September. Storm5 and the Levin Group as a whole, which includes award-winning FinTech recruiter Storm2, specialise in matching the best Tech talent with companies throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In their markets, they are the top provider of compensation and best practises in diversity equality & inclusion, hiring and retention.

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Company Bio:

Storm5, a global solution for innovative retail technology and eCommerce companies, is a market leader in connecting businesses with senior talent to help them accomplish their goals. Puffin Point Investments has provided the company with over $3 million in Series A funding to disrupt the RetailTech and E-commerce recruitment markets.

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